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Basis of Rome

img4f554377886bc Basis of Rome

In one of the Roman museums there is a bronze image of a she-wolf. Scientists say that to this she-wolf will be soon two and a half thousand years. During those far times it was on the square ancient Rome and reminded each Roman of a legend connected with the basis of its hometown. Rome by this time already became the capital of the extensive and powerful state, the big, populous and beautiful city. In the most remote corners of Europe, Asia, Africa influence of Rome was felt or, at least, people heard about it. Inhabitants of Rome were proud of that they are the Roman citizens. Romans wanted to understand, how there was their city. They knew nothing about its emergence. Even then, more than two thousand years ago, the history of emergence of the city of Rome got lost in the heart of centuries.

Presently, when for a long time there is neither ancient Rome, nor the huge Roman Empire, we know about emergence of the city of Rome more than ancient Romans. We have data of a modern historical science. To the aid of it the archeology came. Throughout centuries a lot of excavation was conducted in the territory of the present city of Rome. This excavation helped us to understand, how arose and this city started to develop.

We know now that the city of Rome arose not at once. It developed throughout a long time. The city arose on high hills convenient for defense, on the bank of the navigable Tiber River, nearby to its confluence of the sea. It was a convenient and safe place. Convenient because the river and proximity of the sea helped development of trade and connected the city with the countries of the East and Greece. At the same time and pirates (pirates) could not attack the city unexpectedly.

Excavation of scientists-archeologists showed that pioneer settlements appeared on the Palatinsky hill about 1000. Hills Aventinsky, Capitoline and others later become populated. These settlements gradually expanded, approached with each other and, at last, merged in one. When it occurred, precisely it is impossible to establish. Scientists assume that it was in the VIII century BC.

So, as a result of long historical development there was an ancient city of Rome.

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Interest to the past appeared at Romans, as well as at other people when they reached quite high step of cultural development. But Romans did not know the real history of the city. The original knowledge with it was replaced by a legend. It arose on purpose to explain emergence of the city of Rome and an origin of its name. In this legend fiction intertwines with memories of the remote authentic historical events.

Here what legend each Roman school student could tell about a she-wolf and about two little boys …

When ancient Troy [1] was lost, some defenders of the city managed to escape. At the head of them there was Enyoy. The ships of fugitives long rushed on sea waves. At last the wind drove them to the coast. Fugitives увидали the wide river running into the sea. River banks were covered with the woods, groves, a bush. The sun shined the fertile plain, the clear blue sky was reflected in waters of the river and small lakes. The exhausted fugitives were put ashore and decided to lodge here. It was the coast of Italy, and the area was called as Latsy. The son of Trojan Enea founded the city in Latsy and called it Alba Longa.

Passed many decades. In the city of Alba Longa descendant Enea — Numitor governed. His younger brother — Amuly was the artful and cruel man. Amuly hated the brother — Numitora. Amuly himself wanted to become a governor. To reach this purpose, it did not stop before anything.

Eventually it was possible manage Numitora and to sit down on his place. Amuly was not afraid of the big decrepit and weak brother and left it in live. He only was afraid to sweep descendants — children and grandsons of the dethroned brother. To save itself from this danger, cruel Amuly ordered to kill son Numitor, and his daughter Rhea Silvia forced to become the priestess of the goddess of Vesta [2] — a vestalka. Soon at Rhea Silvia two twin boys were born. The god of war Mars was their father as the legend tells.

When Amuly learned about it, he was angry and frightened. He was afraid that twins — Numitor's dethroned by it grandsons — will grow and will revenge it for the grandfather. Amuly ordered to execute to Ray Silvius, and children it to throw into Tiber.

The slave put children in a basket and incurred to the river. At this time Tiber spread and water still continued to arrive. Huge waves with white crests went on the river. The slave was afraid to enter into water. It put a basket on the coast, at the water, and left. The slave thought:

water will rise above, will pick up a basket with twins, will carry away them, and they will drown. Water really rose, but a basket with children did not carry away. It was hooked for branches growing on the bank of a tree. Soon the high water came to an end. Water fell down, and the twin dropped out of a basket on the earth and began to shout. This shout услыхала the she-wolf who has come to the river to get drunk. The she-wolf approached to children, tenderly licked them and gave to drink the milk.

Then twins were seen by the imperial shepherd, picked up them and brought up.

img4f554378866eb Basis of Rome

He named one of twins Romul, and another Ram. Brothers did gymnastics, hunted, became dexterous And strong soldiers. Gradually they deserved a general arrangement and gained wide popularity. To them shepherds, tramps and even fluent slaves were flown down. Each of brothers made to Itself small group. In one of skirmishes with shepherds Numitora Ram was taken prisoner. It brought to Numitor. That was struck with a courageous type of the young man and became interested in his origin. Numitora Ram answered questions: «Earlier we, twins, considered ourselves as sons of the imperial shepherd, but now when the question of our life and death is solved, I can tell you something very important. Our birth is shrouded in secret. Improbable things were heard by me about our education and the early childhood: we were brought up by animals and birds, on eating up which us threw — the she-wolf gave us the milk, woodpeckers carried to us food when we lay on the bank of the big river».

img4f55437a4ed91 Basis of Rome

Numitor began to guess that before it his grandson, one of Rhea Silvia's children. Its guess turned into confidence soon. The shepherd who was bringing up twins, having learned that Ram was taken prisoner to Numitor, opened Romula secret of their birth. Romul hastened to the aid of the brother. It moved with the group to Alba Longa. On the way to it many residents hating cruel, artful Amuly began to run together. In Alba Longa revolt at the head of which became Romul and Ram flashed. Risen killed Amuly. Brothers returned the power to the grandfather Numitor. They did not wish to remain in Alba Longa. Together with many people who have gathered round them brothers decided to found the new city. They chose for the new city that place where were once thrown out by Tiber — the Palatinsky hill.

However soon between brothers there was a quarrel. Dispute arose because of what name to call the new city where to start it to build and to a coma of them to govern in it. They agreed to find out will of gods guessing on flight of birds and sat down separately from each other, expecting a favorable omen. Ram the first saw six flying by kites. But in some instants by Romula, at shine of a lightning and a thunder roar, twelve kites flew by. Brothers began to argue. Ram argued that time to it to the first prophetic birds were, advantage remains behind it. Romul proved that he should be the tsar: after all he saw these birds twice more.

Dispute inflamed with new force. When Romul started to dig a ditch with which he wanted to surround a wall of future city. Ram, sneering, jumped through a ditch and an embankment. The angered Romul killed the brother and over his corpse exclaimed: «So will be with everyone who will dare to cross walls of my city!»

Then Romul started a ceremony of the basis of the city. He harnessed a bull and a cow in a plow and, driving them, drew a deep furrow — city line. Here the city wall should be erected. On a place of expected gate Romul raised a plow therefore the furrow had breaks. After that ceremony all wall was considered as the sacred. The city was called a name of the founder, and Romul became his first governor — reksy …

Such is the ancient legend telling about the basis of the city of Rome.

Later the Roman scientists assured that they could calculate and define date of the basis of the city of Rome precisely. This event, according to them, occurred on April 21 753 BC. Ancient Romans annually celebrated this day.

We know that Rome received the name not from Romula, and the legend was invented to explain emergence and the city name. In this legend memoirs about authentic, but the remote historical events, for example, about approximate time of emergence of Rome, about communication of the first Roman settlers with the city of Alba Longa were reflected also.

The city of Alba Longa existed actually. His inhabitants usually burned corpses of the died. Excavation showed that the Same custom existed and at the first settlers of the Palatinsky hill. On this basis scientists consider that at that time on a place of the future of Rome natives of Alba Longa lodged. On a legend Romul founded the city on the Palatinsky hill that is where actually there were first settlers. So, in the invented, legendary story traces of original events of the Roman old times appear. The story about the basis of Rome — a legend, and Romul and Ram — mythical persons.

Legendary the story and about further life, activity and death Romula after the basis of Rome is same.

According to the legend, Romul, having founded the city, became reksy. It surrounded itself(himself) with bodyguards — lictors. They went with bunches of Rods in which the pole-axe was thrust. Such bunches were called fastsiya. Them punished those who was guilty before the governor.

The population of Rome was still not numerous. To increase the city population, Romul willingly accepted to itself fugitives and exiles from other cities.

Romans were aggressive. They often made attacks from which came back with production and captured. The city grew. However in it there were few women. Then Romul directed embassies to the next tribes with a request to allow them to marry to girls Romans. All next tribes refused it. They answered that do not want to have any affairs with fugitives and robbers.

Romul decided to resort to cunning. He declared to these tribes that in Rome there will be festivals. To celebrations magnificent preparations became. The forthcoming show involved mass of people. Especially came from the next tribe — сабинян much. They were with the wives and children. Games, and when the attention of the present was abstract soon began, Romul gave in advance agreed sign. On it: to a sign the Roman young men rushed to crowd of guests. Each of Romans seized the girl-sabinyanku on hands and carried away it in the house. Offended сабиняне were removed since a holiday, having sworn to revenge perfidious Romans. Between сабинянами and Romans the hardened fight was started.

After a while the big army сабинян, under their leadership рекса Tit Tatsy, rose to Rome. In the narrow valley located between two hills, there was a resolute battle. The killed and wounded fell under blows of swords and arrows. Suddenly both battling parties услыхали loud shouts and crying of women. Fight stopped — and to eyes of soldiers the extraordinary show appeared. With cries and sobbings, pressing to itself babies, with a flowing hair ran from hills stolen there is no time sabinyanka. They rushed to ranks of soldiers, begging the fathers and husbands to stop slaughter and not to do them by orphans or widows. Tears and entreaties of women touched hearts of soldiers, and they stopped bloodshed. Both leaders — Romul and Tit Tatsy — acted on the middle and made the peace. From now on both tribes united under a joint management of the governor сабинян and the governor of Romans. Some time Romul and Tit Tatsy (to death of the last) ruled together …

So the legend about abduction a sabinyanok reflected merge in the territory of ancient Rome of various tribes. Certainly, it did not occur so quickly as tells the legend, and the long time proceeded. Excavation showed that along with settlers on the Palatinsky hill, burning as we already know, died, settlers on the next hills buried dead persons differently — earthed corpses. Many scientists believe that it and were сабиняне about which tell old Roman legends.

The legends connected with the basis of Rome are that. That is why in one of the Roman museums there is a bronze image of a she-wolf.

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